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Case Study Three 
Home Improvements & Holidays

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Mr & Mrs Griffin, a couple in their late 50’s, have always dreamed about going on the holiday of a lifetime. Despite trying to save each month, they always found that home improvements and bills, seemed to get in the way. They were concerned that they weren’t getting any younger and that by time they had managed to save the amount they needed, ill health might thwart their plans.


They contacted Evolve Lifetime to discuss the options of releasing equity from their property. We then took time to discuss, understand and support them through the process, making clear the options they had available to achieve their goals. 

Later that year they were in South Africa on Safari making memories that would last a lifetime. Mr & Mrs Griffin told us:


“Without releasing equity from our home, we wouldn’t have been able to have that amazing holiday. Instead we would have had to make huge sacrifices in our day-to-day lives. We are so grateful to Evolve and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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